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Throwing a luau for your corporate party? Are your parents celebrating their 50th anniversary? Is your child inviting friends over for their birthday? Perhaps a ward activity or a fundraiser? You name it... we can do it all! We compete to challenge ourselves but foremost love to perform .
From the islands of Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and Marquesas, we bring to you "Polynesia", our heritage and culture. You can experience the islands without traveling so far. In fact, we'll come to you, in state, out of state and even overseas.
We are different as our team have years of experience in:

What people say?

"The show was awesome! Everyone loved it. We're looking forward to our next event in July! "


What people say?

"Everyone wants your kalua pork and teriyaki chicken recipe! Can we have it, please!! "

American Fork LDS Ward Members

What people say?

"Let's leave for Hawaii already! This music makes me want to go now."


Why Choose Us?

We do everything

Why call many providers when you can make a single call! We perform, cater, instruct or can set you up with the best professionals to put on a luau.

We make you smile

We love to smile on stage, off stage, while meeting you or even as we leave. It is who we are as Polynesians and we can't deny it. It's contagious!

We’re Punctual

Our team shows up at least 30 minutes in advance to reassure you that your event will run smoothly. We respect your time or receive 10% off on us.

We price match

The quality of our services will speak for itself but we also understand budget. We can price match any offer provided to you so you can experience quality.

We’re unique

We choreograph and produce a lot of our songs and dances. We also love to perform live so you could feel the difference. We're Polynesians at heart and in ethnicity.

We love to perform

Above all, we just really love to perform together and share our culture with you... even so much that we'd love to teach it to you.
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